Unfortunately, more than half of all marriages end in divorce, causing personal upheaval and emotional trauma to everyone involved. When a couple divorces, there are usually significant economic issues to be resolved, including distribution of property acquired both before and during the marriage. When there are children, appropriate child support obligations and custodial rights have to be addressed.  When there is a disparity in a divorcing couple’s income and assets, spousal maintenance rights and obligations must also be addressed.

We provide zealous representation coupled with compassionate counseling, both before and after couples marry, regarding prenuptial agreements, separation, divorce, child custody, visitation, children’s rights, child support, spousal maintenance (also known as alimony), and the valuation and distribution of marital assets.  While we strive to assist our clients in amicably resolving all issues that arise to minimize emotional fallout, if all settlement prospects have been exhausted and litigation is necessary, our skilled trial lawyers with over 30 years’ experience have successfully and cost-effectively handled all phases of matrimonial litigation, including complex divorce actions, custody disputes and any appeals that may ensue.