Our Florida appellate practice is highly knowledgeable about the rules governing when appeals can or must be taken, and what appellate briefs and record or appendix must contain. The information that the panel of appellate judges will review and base their decision on is limited to the appellate brief and the record from the trial court, including transcripts of the hearings or trial. Your appellate attorney must be well versed at analyzing and summarizing the trial record and presenting the information in a concise, effective way. These are unique skills and talents that you will find at our law firm. It is our responsibility, to both our clients and the appellate courts, to raise only those issues likely to persuade the court in our client’s favor. Our preparation of succinct, well-crafted briefs is exceptional, and our oral arguments are compelling.

Note that, in addition to trial verdict appeals, we handle appeals from other judgments (such as summary judgments) and orders (such as orders dismissing a case), interlocutory and administrative appeals and petitions for original writs (writs of certiorari, mandamus, prohibition, quo warranto, habeas corpus, and “all writs”).