April 3, 2020

SSRGA Celebrates the Passage of the Child-Parent Security Act


SSRGA is pleased to announce that the New York State Legislature today passed the Child-Parent Security Act, which legalizes compensated gestational surrogacy arrangements in the State and establishes criteria for surrogacy contracts that provide the strongest protections in the country for surrogates, intended parents, and children alike.

SSRGA is also proud to note that partner Alexis L. Cirel, a member of the firm’s Matrimonial, Family & Reproductive Law Group, was instrumental in the passage of this important piece of legislation. Alexis is a recognized thought leader in the field, and also has personal experience with surrogacy. She is a frequent panelist on the topic and served as a member of the coalition of advocates who worked alongside Governor Cuomo’s campaign in support of the legislation.

The Child-Parent Security Act brings New York law up to date with developments in reproductive medicine by replacing New York’s inconsistent and outdated laws around surrogacy and donor conception with a legal framework for establishing the recognition of legal parentage for children born of assisted reproduction upon birth. The law also provides for the disposition of stored genetic material upon death or divorce.

“The Child-Parent Security Act is a monumental advancement for families in New York State. By repealing the prohibition and criminalization of compensated gestational surrogacy arrangements, among other important changes, the law supports and protects modern families and enables New York residents to build families with greater legal certainty,” said Cirel. “Governor Cuomo and the State Legislature deserve high praise for their unwavering commitment to this bill, and for their efforts to advance and prioritize it even while fighting to protect the residents of our state during the current coronavirus crisis. Countless families in New York, who otherwise may not have been able to start a family, can now do so with confidence, knowing they are protected.”

In March 2020, SSRGA expanded its Matrimonial and Family Law practice by focusing on Reproductive Law as one of its specialties. The firm’s Matrimonial, Family & Reproductive Law Group offers comprehensive legal support for individuals using assisted reproductive technologies to start a family.


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