April 16, 2018

Hot Topics Affecting Cooperatives and Condominiums 

By Jeffrey M. Schwartz

I recently spoke on a panel at The New York City Bar Association along with several other lawyers, to discuss “hot topics” affecting Cooperatives and Condominiums and their board and owners. The topics of the night included: evicting tenants of condominium owners; electronic online voting at annual meetings in an attempt to the conquer the age-old problem of apathy; noise disputes; odor disputes; emotional support pets; harassment policies; conditions attached to issuing waivers of the right of first refusal in condominiums; and the ability of shareholders and unit owners who are not board members to review records. All of these legal issues are commonplace discussions in a city as large and diverse as New York. The night was filled with lively discussion, and as you might guess in a room full of lawyers, a wide range of opinions. From a legal perspective, it is important to remember that many of these issues are nuanced and often case specific. We at SSRGA pride ourselves on understanding these nuances and being able to offer expert and topical legal advice to our clients on a wide range of real estate matters.